Chelsea Rae Klein's work addresses concepts of the other, violence against women, learned male-role behaviors, the queer body and the body memory including the residual and internalized impact of forced silencing, hiding and violence. Incorporating new, appropriated and archival materials, her work traces invisible histories to reform an identity landscape largely inhabited but widely unseen. Interweaving traditional craft, interviews and new media, works question dominant social and political constructs by asserting individual and collective memory, spinning a new history that reveals denied voicing and counters static and normative social identity constructs.

Klein is the recipient of The San Francisco Arts Commission's Individual Artist Commission (2013-2014); her projects have garnered support from The UC Berkley HAAS Scholars Fund (2012); University of Colorado’s Veterans Center (2015); and twice received The Zellerbach Family Foundation's Community Arts Grant (2011, 2014). She was a visiting artist at the University of Colorado Denver in 2015 and her work has recently installed with The International ArtExpo in Venice at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, at The Guild Art Gallery (Alibaug, India), A.I.R. Gallery, NYU Stovall Galleries, The Cristin Tierney Gallery and Aperture Gallery (NY.) From 2009-2015 Chelsea was founding director of Descry Arts Projects, a pop up exhibition, publishing and workshop project igniting imaginative social conversations through the arts with programming in San Francisco and New York through which she produced projects with incarcerated male violent offenders and queer veterans and active duty soldiers to name a few. She holds a Masters in Arts Politics from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU and a BA in Photo/Journalism. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.