Among Dreams

Project Images

Among Dreams traces the invisible histories of Queer American soldiers through short experimental films, photographic portraits, quilt-work, text-based art and collages. Works incorporate new, appropriated and archival materials to interpret and explore interviews conducted since 2011 by the artist herself with active duty soldiers and veterans across the U.S. Oral histories combined with soldiers’ nighttime dreams offer a visceral palette to re-form a landscape largely inhabited but widely unseen.

The 2011 repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell disrupted a history of imposed silencing on our Queer service members; Among Dreams offers an intentional witnessing of and inquiry into stories that have only recently become a visible and audible part of our record, but have always been integral to the fabric of our whole human story.

Spanning topics of Witch Hunt Interrogations, Military Rape as a targeted hate-crime and PTSD, Among Dreams explores the Body Memory and the internalized impact of violence from the perspective of queer soldiers of war.