Chelsea Rae Klein's work in archives includes managment of the Hunt Slonem and Jene Highstein artist archives.

From 2011-2014 Klein travelled the US to document the narratives of LGBTQI soldiers and veterans culminating in an online archive and physical exhibition; The Among Dreams LGBTQI Military Archive (ADMA) shares bold stories that illuminate the bravery and activism distinct of LGBTQI who risk their lives in service of a nation that has- past and present- upheld laws against their own personal freedoms.

This archive catalogues first person narratives and dreams of inter-generational LGBTQI active duty members and veterans, marking invisible moments in our U.S., LGBTQI, and Military history.

From targeted witchhunts and assaults to soldiers serving in silence, these stories individually and collectively trace the distribution of weight held on the shoulders of soldiers and the residual impact on their lives today. An archive of fear and hiding, while equally one of determination, bravery and unwavering patriotism, ADMA maps a direct line between these lives lived and the increasing freedoms for lesbian and gays in the military today.

Among Dreams has been made possible by the generous support of The San Francisco Arts Commission’s Cultural Equity Granting Program’s Individual Artist Commission, The Zellerbach Family Foundation, The Center, and Intersection for the Arts.